In 1996 I designed and painted an aluminium tower measuring 1m x 2,75m. made from square 50 x 50 mm aluminium pipes of 1m length. It has 20 layers in four colours from dark to light, resulting in 80 different colours. Because you can look both at and through the pipes,  it is a very interesting visual object. For a healthcare centre I developed a free-standing zigzag-shaped wooden wall (W 3,5m x H 2m) based on the idea of covering it with painted acrylic sheets.

I use the same technique in painted paper sheets, cutting them in small strands of 5mm, 7,5mm, 10mm, 15mm or 20mm width. I then reshuffle them in an alternative sequence to find the best solution. When I am satisfied with the result I glue the strands to a solid background. I use the same technique with textile and wooden fragments. I've called these works Orde en Chaos (Order and Chaos).

My latest works are more colourful then before. I am also working with layers of acrylics painted on transparent plates, and having them reflect in mirrors, which produces very interesting optical results.